Mosaics from your photos created directly on your iPhone.
Get it printed as a large poster.

  • browse your mosaic gallery
    • browse through the gallery of created and saved mosaics
    • get the info about the size of the mosaic and number of photos used
  • choose Master image
    • use image (or image region) from your Photo Library as a master
    • or create a mosaic directly from your iPhone camera
  • select Tiles
    • choose your Photo Library albums that you want to use as a mosaic tiles
    • use search panel to explore the larger amount of albums
  • calculating mosaic
    • calculation time may vary from a second to minutes depending on you device, selected quality and a number of photos used as tiles
  • viewing mosaic
    • pinch to zoom to explore the mosaic details
    • double tap to zoom directly to photo detail
  • viewing detail
    • tap on detail to open the original photo
    • double tap to zoom out
  • share
    • send a mosaic to a friend via e-mail
    • share the mosaic on Twitter (iOS 5 only)
  • print
    • export preview to your Photo Library or iTunes
    • export the mosaic in full size to iTunes
    • find a large empty space on your walls to fit your print


English, Czech, Slovak, Dutch

Enjoy a preview of the mosaic generated by Mozaikr...